Mike Cormack Foundation


AURFC is extremely grateful for the support of the Mike Cormack Foundation which was set up to honour the memory of Life Member Mike Cormack who sadly passed away in 2012. 

Mike was a passionate Varsity man and had a huge impact on the direction of the club during a 50+ year association starting from his playing days during the 1960's. 

Mike was not only an outstanding senior and representative player, he was also a tireless and committed worker and visionary for the Auckland University Rugby Football Club. He gave outstanding service as a player, a coach, a selector, a tour manager, a fund raiser and as an administrator.  Mike was instrumental in helping to establish the club in it's current location at Colin Maiden Park and also in creating the original Keystone Foundation which secured the financial position of the club in the late 1970's. 

The Mike Cormack Foundation was established with the following objectives and purposes:

  • To promote, foster and encourage the playing of rugby;
  • To provide financial support to fund education, coaching and training of administrators, players and coaches;
  • To provide financial support to enable schools and clubs to promote the playing of rugby;
  • To promote, foster and encourage volunteering and sportsmanship;
  • To promote, foster and encourage and develop good administration of the game and leadership qualities both on and off the field in players and coaches;
  • Such other charitable objectives as the Trustees may from time to time identify as being in the interests of the Club.

Current Trustees of the MCF are: Gavin Cormack, Campbell Cormack, Simon Johnston, John Taylor and Philip Wells.  All enquiries should be directed to simonjohnston@xtra.co.nz